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Willson Euphonium Artist, Brass Teacher & Instrument Service Technician

"If you love some instrument, if you like the sound of it, it's like no other sound. It's really yours. It comes from deep within, and it's something you can always connect with inside.
How good can that be? Your music, your sound-it's your friend for life. You can express how you feel, send your self into the larger world.
You will always have that voice. That's a pretty powerful thing."
Yo-Yo-Ma, Cellist.

"Charley Brighton’s wonderful collection of euphoniums both old and new provided an equally fascinating counterpoint presentation.
The amazing array of weird and wonderful designs from Victorian five valve leviathans to micro sized marching instruments showed that in reality there is nothing new under the sun.
The somewhat Heath Robinson approach of early inventors and instrument manufacturers to try and sort out tuning
and intonation problems bordered between the occasionally brilliant and the more predictable bonkers".
4 Barsrest

Site launched 2001

October 2021

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  • Brass tuition & instrument servicing now available. Many used/reconditioned instruments for sale in 2021 Email for details.

    Concert/Brass Band, Ensemble
    & Solo Performance Dates for 2021;

    The Richard Scholar Recital Series!

    Saturday, October 16th. 2021
    St. Hilda's Church, Ashford, Middlesex
    12 noon
    admission £4 on the door
    refreshments served afterwards
    Charley Brighton (Euphonium)
    with Sue Brighton (Baritone)
    Gareth Green (piano)


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    On November 3rd. 2004, I signed a contract with Willi Kurath, Director of Willson Band Instruments in Flums, Switzerland,
    to promote their Euphoniums.

    Euphoniums Wanted !

    I am interested in purchasing old euphoniums,
    particularly Highams, Gisborne and other lesser known brands.
    Preferably in playing condition, but not essential.

    Email us here