The Euphonium Collective

Here are some advertisements and album sleeves etc. featuring baritones, euphoniums & tubas.

Archive Photographs

A classic advertisement for Miraphone euphoniums.

A New Standard B flat bass tuba by Besson 3 valve, compensating.

This was taken from an L.P. record cover featuring comedian / actor John Inman
with the Webb Ivory Newhall Band, conducted by Ernest Woodhouse
and the West Midlands Police Male Voice Choir,
conducted by Harold Enstone. Recorded in 1978.

An Imperial E flat bass tuba by Boosey & Hawkes 4 valve, compensating.

This was taken from an L.P. record cover of The Cory Workmen's Band
from Pentre, Rhondda, South Wales.

A picture of George Savage in 1963 who was the brass
instrument tuner and tester for Boosey & Hawkes since 1950.

He was previously Bandmaster of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment.

An advertisement for the Boosey & Hawkes
Imperial euphonium in 1967.

The caption read "You can have the model (the instrument, not the girl !)"

A picture of the Edgeware (London) factory of Boosey & Hawkes
in 1963.

An advertisement from 1963 for Boosey & Hawkes
Imperial tubas, and the bands that played them.

Another advertisement from 1963 for Boosey & Hawkes
Imperial tubas and euphoniums, in time for the National Finals contest.

This picture was taken in 1966 for Boosey & Hawkes
showing an Imperial euphonium, baritone, E flat & B flat bass
(with a trombone thrown in).

It was used by Pye records for an L.P. by Markham Main Colliery Band,
conducted by Allan Street. Their principle euphonium, Harry Wilkinson played
Barrie Chester's Arabella variations on this disc.

Here's a newspaper advertisement for Besson New Standard
basses, as purchased by Mossley Band.

Note the B flat basses are only 3 valve compensators!

Another album sleeve photograph here with an unknown boy and an unknown tuba.

It was used as a cover photograph for an L.P. by the National Youth Brass Band
of Great Britain, conducted by Geoffrey Brand.

This looks like a Courtois 4 valve non compensating euphonium.
Used as an album sleeve for Wingates Temperance Band in 1967.

The instrument was supplied by Bill Lewington Ltd. of
144 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, where I once worked.

A fascinating unknown black & white photograph of a player with a 2 bell euphonium.

Another unknown black & white photograph of a Father & Son
euphonium team from Philadelphia.

Another unknown black & white photograph,
with a double bell instrument, dated around 1910.

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